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A national civil movement that participates in building a state of citizenship and rights based on justice - freedom - participation
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Our Vision

Effective Syrian civil society capable of playing its pivotal role of free and fair participation in building the new Syrian state that includes all Syrians without discrimination and is governed by institutions, in which the separation of powers is observed, and based on the democracy and citizenship foundations.


  • A coexisting Syrian society according to the rules of mutual respect and the principles of citizenship, in which the Syrian citizen enjoys his full legitimate rights and basic freedoms.
  • A civil, democratic state that adopts the approach of political pluralism and the peaceful transfer of power according to the free will of all Syrians, and seeks to achieve their aspirations for safety, stability, and prosperity, as an effective contribution to human civilization.
  • Professional and effective institutions that respect specialization, work in harmony to achieve the comprehensive development of the land and people, according to the rules of transparency, integrity, and planning and are subject to the principles of accountability.